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What To Eat After Colonoscopy

Why can’t you just eat it after colonoscopy?

The intestine is an important part of the digestive tract, and colonoscopy can detect abnormalities in the large intestine.

Before the colonoscopy

We need to strictly control the diet in accordance with the doctor’s requirements to ensure that the intestines are clean before the examination.

However, after undergoing a colonoscopy, in order to ensure that the digestive system has enough time to return to normal, it is not recommended to eat anything in the first few hours after the colonoscopy.

Within a few days after the examination, you should also eat according to the doctor’s instructions.

What should I eat?

In order to ensure that the digestive tract returns to normal work and avoid irritating the digestive system, it is best to eat soft, easily digestible foods after colonoscopy.

  • Water: The first task after colonoscopy is to replenish water. This can be go through by drinking water or beverages and eating liquid-based foods.
  • Electrolyte drinks: It is very important to replenish electrolytes in time when dehydrated. Many sports drinks can help restore electrolytes.
  • Vegetable juice or fruit juice: You can choose a variety of vegetables, fruits and mixed drinks. These juices also contain electrolytes and additional nutrients.
  • Mashed potatoes: Mashed potatoes is a soft food and a good choice after colonoscopy.
  • Fish: Fish is usually very soft. This is a good choice after colonoscopy, but it is best not to eat spiny fish.
  • Soup: Chicken soup and other light soups are good choices. Spicy soups should be avoided.
  • Scrambled eggs: Scrambled eggs are very soft and are a good source of protein. Do not add milk, pepper or cheese to the eggs, so as not to irritate the digestive tract.
  • White bread: Similar to crackers, white bread is a very light food. It is beneficial to eat it a few days after colonoscopy.
  • Cooked vegetables: After colonoscopy, steamed, roasted or fried vegetables are also very soft and suitable for consumption.

Try not to eat delicacies

Although the process of colonoscopy does not take long, but the colon needs time to recover. Therefore, in the day or so after the colonoscopy, it is recommended not to eat foods that are difficult to digest, such as high-fiber and spicy foods.

At the same time, it is best to avoid greasy foods to avoid nausea and vomiting after anesthesia. If colonoscopy is performed at the same time as the examination, such as bowel polypectomy, the doctor may recommend further restrictions on diet.

This includes restricting the consumption of foods containing seeds, corn kernels and nuts, because these small, hard particles will be trapped in the healing wound and affect recovery.

In addition, during the colonoscopy, a lot of gas is injected into the intestines so that a better view can be obtained during the colonoscopy. After the operation, the excess gas may be uncomfortable, and you may feel that you need to exhaust more frequently.

Because of this, try to avoid eating foods that produce extra gas, such as carbonated drinks or beans. Therefore, the following foods should be avoided after colonoscopy:

  1. Spicy or seasoned foods: nuts; popcorn; fried foods, such as fried chicken and potato chips; corn.
  2. All alcoholic beverages: lettuce or uncooked vegetables; brown rice; beans; whole wheat bread and baked goods; hard protein, such as steak; spices, etc.

How to eat to keep your intestines healthy

Since bowel cancer is a high-risk cancer, people at high risk of bowel cancer should go regularly to the hospital for colonoscopy from the age of 40 to ensure that they know their intestines well.

In daily life, you should try to avoid eating foods containing these substances, such as high in saturated fat; more sugar; red meat (pork, beef, etc.); processed meat.

You can usually eat more foods rich in these substances: whole grains; fruits and vegetables; high-quality protein; low-fat milk products.

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