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Wait A Second, Face Lift Tape For Face-lifting Instant Effect?

Is it useful to use a face lift tape?

There is a lot of people try their best to thin their faces and even desperate to have a face lift tape that is sought after by many people. So, is face lift tape useful? And does it have any negative effect?

Does face lift tape have negative effect?

The face lift tape itself is not harmful, it is just a special made cloth bandage. Whether the use of a face lift tape ultimately produces a negative effect depends on the length of time and strength of the facelift tape.

If the tightness is too weak it won’t have any effect, and if the tightness is too strong it will possible damage the skin. And it won’t have any effect in short time either. But if using it in long time will also possible damage the face bones and skin.

Therefore, it is definitely not advisable to wear a face lift tape to achieve the purpose of face-lifting overnight.

The disadvantages of using a face lift tape for long time

1. Squeezing the skin cells and tissues (in a bad way)

After putting on the face lift tape, it will tightly compress the face, it definitely is putting yourself in a uncomfortable way. And also wearing a face lift tape for a long time will hinder the blood circulation of the skin and affect the respiration of the skin tissue.

Poor blood circulation will accelerate the swelling, and in severe cases, it will lead to avascular necrosis of some cells and tissues. The effect on face-lifting is just not great, but the damage to the skin is obvious.

2. Prone to skin allergies

Wearing a face lift tape for a long time will hinder the blood circulation of the skin and affect the respiration of the skin tissues. Imagine wearing a spiderman mask all night long, your skin will scream for air (skin hardly to breath), and the allergies of skin will come after it.

3. Easily cause bone deformities

The face shape is mainly determined by facial bones. The cheekbones, mandibular angle and chin basically determine whether a person is a big face or small face.

Adult bones have been shaped, strong external pressure will only cause bone displacement or fracture.

And for the minors pressure from face lift tape for a long time on the face, it is more likely to cause malformations in the development of cheekbones, turning into deformed cheekbone structure, and it gonna be the worst things in your life.

Face lifting in better & healthier way – Massage

  1. Using the right hand make big, downward circles on the left side of the neck. Repeat on the other side using the other hand.
  2. Using both hands together, massage both sides of the neck at the same time.
  3. Make scissor shapes with your middle and index fingers. Place the index finger behind the ear and the middle in front. Push your hands back and forth either side of the ears and along the jaw – this supports the lymph and drainage.
  4. Hold your hands out in front of your face with your fingers splayed, place your thumbs under your chin, push and drain under your jaw from the chin to the ears.
  5. Keep your thumbs under your chin and make a pinch with the sides of the index fingers. Pinch and push out along the jaw. Pressing firmly, make circular moves around the mouth.
  6. Concentrating on one side of the face, use alternate hands to push up, lifting the cheek. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Make a fist with both hands and press your knuckles into the cheeks, just under the cheekbone. Look down to increase pressure, hold for the count of five, then glide your knuckles out to the sides. Knuckle massage your whole cheek area.
  8. Using all your fingers, push up just under the brow and glide outwards.
  9. Using the finger pads of both hands, firmly stretch crow’s feet. Hold each stretch for five seconds.
  10. Using your middle and index fingers, stretch and hold the frown lines.
  11. Still on the frown lines, firmly make a criss-cross movement. Continue criss-crossing across the whole of the forehead. Change the direction of your fingers and zig-zag up and down over the forehead.
  12. Calm everything down with some gentle smoothing outward ‘prayers’. Finish by gliding alternate hands in the direction of the lymph out from under the chin to the ear and drain down the neck. Repeat on the other side. 

Face lifting alternative – Orthotropics [also recommended]

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