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Urobilinogen | What is it | How i restore to normal level

When you get the urine test report, on the report there might be a urobilinogen index that you don’t even know what is it, so you might not notice it at all, but usually it is important for diagnosis of some disease.

What is urobilinogen?

Urobilinogen is a substance decomposed by bilirubin in the liver under the action of intestinal bacteria. Urobilinogen itself is colorless, but once exposed to air and oxidized, it will appear yellow immediately, this is why our the urine appears light yellow colour.

It is best to take the first urine of the day when the urine test is performed. There are less secretion at night and in the morning, and the secretion of urobilinogen begins to increase gradually in the afternoon, and between two to four in the afternoon.

The normal range of urobilinogen indicators:

The standard range of urobilinogen index: 0.03~1.0mg/dL. In this urobilinohen range, the index is weakly positive(+) or negative(-).

But if the range is exceeded, it is generally means positive(+), strong positive(++) or even higher, indicating the urobilinogen is abnormal.

What does an abnormal urobilinogen index mean?

The urobilinogen index is positive or strongly positive

The presence of a large amount of urobilinogen in the urine is usually caused by liver disease. When the liver is weakened when suffering from hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and other diseases, the urinary binary content in the urine will increase.

No urobilinogen detected

When the content of urobilinogen is extremely low, even when urobilinogen is not detected, you cannot be fortunate. Diseases such as bile duct occlusion caused by gallstones will also prevent the secretion of urobilinogen, which is not good for human health for a long time.

How to restore the normal level of urobilinogen index?

In terms of diet, you should consume more protein, which can accelerate regeneration of the liver cell.

It is also recommended to eat a small amount of meals, avoid overeating, and avoid deterioration of liver disease.

In the meantime, try to avoid eating supper for prevent excessive bile secretion, and make sure to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables; most importantly not to consume too much oil.

Patients with abnormal levels of urobilinogen should have daily physical exercises to improve their self immunity system, which is of great help in restoring the normal urobilinogen.

Patients with poor liver function can only take part in light exercise, such as jogging, Yoga, etc. And must avoid any strenuous exercise.

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