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Thorough Teeth Cleaning : We are often missing a crucial part

Using Toothbrush Only For Teeth Cleaning?

Even if you try to do your best in teeth cleaning or brush your teeth carefully every day, there will be around 40% surface of your teeth is unreachable by your toothbrush.

Human teeth are arranged closely next to each other. After many years of sticking together under the influence of the lip and cheek muscles, chewing exercises, the teeth will getting tighter and tighter.

Therefore, it is unlikely that the bristles of the toothbrush can be inserted into the gap between the teeth that so tightly packed.

The picture below shows the position where the adjacent surfaces of the two teeth touch. The gray area is the place where the two teeth are clamped tightly, which is the place where the soft bristles cannot be reach.

tooth cleaning cannot reach

This means that every time you brush your teeth, no matter how hard you brush, there is always such a large area that cannot be cleaned. When you think that there are about 26 groups or even more of these area in your mouth, don’t you feeling worried now?

However, the fact that the toothbrush can’t get in does not mean that bacteria and food particles can’t get in.

The “Real” problem is in the tiny gaps

In fact, the smaller the teeth gap, the easier it is to get the tooth cavities. Even if it is only a few micrometers or smaller in the gaps and crevices, as long as food particles can accumulate and the bristles cannot be cleaned, bacteria can damage your tooth and open holes there.

This is the more common “pit and fissure caries” in teeth decay. According to the data of the National Dental Caries Survey (1979-1980) in the United States, 84% of dental caries in children aged 5-17 are pits and fissures.

For adults, after several years or ten years, coupled with the remineralization of tooth enamel, the pits and fissures on the teeth more likely have been decayed.

And the ones that did not have decayed, after so many years, it has been polished, corroded, stuffed into a shape / form that easy to clean by toothbrush.

By this time, the caries condition has stabilized, and the chance of bacteria is left in the 26 sanitary corners between the teeth. As a result, “proximal surface caries” and “root caries” appear, this type of tooth decay that occurs between the interdental spaces.

According to the data of national oral health epidemiological survey (2005), the proportion of root caries among middle-aged people aged 35-44 has risen to 37%.

This is certainly due to the fact that the bacteria are never stop their unremitting efforts to destroy the interdental space.


Are you always feel that cleaning and brushing your tooth seriously but you still have the cavities?

Therefore, dentists always say that brushing and flossing are complementary and non-replaceable oral hygiene care methods, they was absolute right!

American Dental Association : Use interdental cleaning tools atleast once a day

Effective teeth cleaning tools can thoroughly clean the gaps between teeth that cannot be reached by the toothbrush

A lot of harmful bacteria will accumulate between the adjacent surfaces of the teeth and the parts that are difficult to reach by the toothbrush, especially when the small amount of food particles that is stuffed between the teeth and the gums cannot be completely cleaned.

These bacteria will form dental plaque, which gradually develops into dental calculus over time, accompanied by some symptoms such as gum swelling and pain, bleeding gums, bad breath, etc., and finally cause gum disease or caries.

Teeth Cleaning Tools

Good teeth cleaning tools must be able to effectively remove food residues, plaque and soft tartar between the teeth, and must be able to easily reach the narrow gaps that are difficult to reach for brushing and gargle without damage the gums.

teeth cleaning tools

1. Teeth Cleaning Tool : Dental floss

Dental floss has a history of more than a hundred years and is the most classic interdental cleaning tool. Its operation mode is flexible and the cleaning effect is good.

However, the problems faced by dental flossing and manual brushing are similar : those who are good at it and those who are not good at cleaning may have a very different cleaning effect.

2. Teeth Cleaning Tool : Dental floss sticks

the use of dental floss is a bit complicated, and it is very unfriendly to first-timer. Therefore, people directly fix the dental floss on the bow-shaped handle it has significant increasing the ease of use.

However, the dental floss stick may not be able to clean the various tooth surfaces between the teeth as flexibly as dental floss. In addition, I think that people with tighter teeth may feel even harder to use it.

3. Teeth Cleaning Tool : Interdental brush

For people with large gaps (such as crooked teeth, recessed gums, etc. Sometimes cannot be cleaned by the dental floss. And this is the right time using interdental brushes, the teeth cleaning efficiency is much better in this situation.

Generally the interdental brush has many different size, so you might need to pay attention when choosing on. If the interdental brush is oversize, it will easily damage the gums during the pulling, and increase the risk of gum recession.

4. Teeth Cleaning Tool : Teeth flosser

Teeth flosser replaces dental floss by injecting a high-pressure water stream, which has the effect of cleaning the gap between teeth.

With the development of technology, the cleaning ability of the dental flusher is getting stronger and stronger, it can effectively wash away food residues and soft dirt in the teeth. For those who struggle to use dental floss, teeth flosser is the best alternative.

5. Best Toothpaste For Everyone

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It is also known as the friendliest toothpaste in the world. Children, pregnant women, and sensitive teeth are also recommended to use it.

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teeth cleaning ap 24

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