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The six reason your baby crying for stomach flatulence

Baby is prone to flatulence, which inevitably makes parents worry about whether the baby will feel uncomfortable. When the baby has stomach flatulence, you can observe whether it is caused by the following reasons to help the baby prevent and improve :

Six Reasons That May Make Your Baby Bloated

1. Improper Feeding Method – Lying down to drink milk, and continuing to “empty sucking bottle” after drinking milk are all causes of flatulence. In addition, if the baby is too hungry, be careful not to let them drink too fast and avoid eating too much air when feeding.

2. Pacifier Hole Is Not Suitable – If the hole of the nipple is too large, it is easy to inhale a lot of gas while drinking milk, causing flatulence. Parents can put milk in the milk bottle, turn the bottle upside down, observe whether the milk drips regularly, and see if the size of the opening is appropriate.

3. Gas-prone Food – Some foods are prone to produce gas during the digestion process, such as sweet potatoes, corn, soy products, etc. If the baby is often bloated and uncomfortable, avoid adding too much of these ingredients to non-staple foods.

4. Constipation – The body can eliminate flatulence through farting and hiccups. If the bowel obstructs the intestines, it will affect the gas emission. At this time, you can gently use your fingertips to help your baby do abdominal massage exercises, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and improve constipation and flatulence.

5. Stomach Disease – If the flatulence is accompanied by other symptoms, such as bloody stools, fever, vomiting, etc., be careful possibly gastrointestinal problems. You should take your baby to seek professional assistance from a doctor.

6. Crying – When the baby is crying, it is easy to inhale a lot of air through the mouth. At this time, avoid feeding as much as possible to prevent choking.

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