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The Journey Of Green Tea In Your Body

The short life of green tea in your body [24 hours]

Do you know what is happening in your body after drinking a cup of green tea.

Our body is like a house, after living there for quite a time, there will fill by garbage and dust unless you try to clean it everyday.

Green tea is a very good “biological broom”, removes waste and toxins from the body

After drinking green tea, the green tea takes the “esophageal rail”, reaching the stomach and small intestine.

These beneficial ingredients will be carried in the blood to all tissues and organs of the body and to exert health and pharmacological effects

1. Tea Polyphenols

After drinking green tea, tea polyphenols start to destroy all the “viruses” and “bacteria” in the mouth and throat, prevent mouth ulcers and eliminate bad breath

After drinking tea for 10 minutes, tea polyphenols help transport food to the “gut” cart and enhance intestinal motility, promote digestion and relieve greasiness

After drinking green tea for 30 minutes ~ 1 hour

Tea polyphenols reach human blood vessels, cells, skin, brain and block the attack of “free radicals”

(if too many free radicals will affect normal cells and produce diseases)

Tea polyphenols also prevent cardiovascular disease, brain stroke and anti-cancer, anti-mutation, anti-aging and remove spots etc.

After drinking green tea for 6~24 hours

Tea polyphenols gradually decompose and disappear or excreted through urine

2. Caffeine

After drinking tea for 45 minutes

Caffeine wakes up the “cerebral cortex” and the brain becomes active and the refreshing effect starts and strengthens the heart and promotes blood circulation

And for the kidneys, caffeine relaxes the “renal vasculature”

Increases blood flow to the kidneys, enhances the function of the kidneys and prevents urinary tract infections and promotes urinary excretion

After drinking tea for 6 hours 

Caffeine gradually decompose and disappear or excreted through urine

3. Theanine

After drinking green tea for 5 hours, theanine finally crossed the “blood-brain barrier” into the brain tissue.

In the brain tissue, theanine affects the metabolism and release of “dopamine” and other metabolism and release of neurotransmitters, it help calming and tranquilizing and prevents brain damage

After drinking green tea for 24 hours 

Theanine gradually decompose and disappear or excreted through urine

Aromatic substances

Aromatic substances pass through the “nasal cavity”, The olfactory cells feel the arrival of aromatic substances and inform the brain immediately, the brain is happy with the arrival of the aromatic substance emotions become happy and joyful.

There are so many beneficial components in green tea for our body, tea polyphenols, caffeine, theanine, and aromatic substances.

And also, there is a lot of green tea beverage don’t have enough green tea element in it, which mean just the flavour. If you keen to enjoy the benefit from GREEN TEA, you can take look this PUREST GREEN TEA.

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