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Skin Tag Removal | Everythings You Need To Know

A problematic skin is never be fun, problematic skin such as moles, pimples, warts and so on. Most skin spots are nothing to worry about, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still be annoying.

The most annoying? I think most of the people would say it was skin tags.

But why did these fleshy growths appear in the first place? What is the best way to remove it?

Here is what you need to know.

Why Skin Tag Appear

Skin tag is benign skin growth, which is due to the “exposure” between the skin and the underlying skin. The result is a small fleshy growth that protrudes from your skin. Papules or cysts can cause the skin to bulge, and unlike papules or cysts, skin tags are attached to the surface of the skin through thin stems, giving them a “peristaltic” tag-like appearance.

Skin tags (called “acrochondons”) are small, but they can be annoying. these flesh-colored or dark brown labels are usually two to five millimeters in size, although they sometimes become larger. They often appear in groups.

in general, these growths are completely harmless, but they can easily become inflamed. People often complain that skin tags are stuck on clothes or jewelry—ouch!

The dermatologist does not know what is the causes of skin tag, but there are some theories have not yet been proven.

What makes them super annoying is that they usually grow in skin folds or areas prone to a lot of friction-think about it: armpits, neck and groin. this may be why you see them appearing in the form of skinfolds.

“High Risk” Group for Skin Tag

Skin tag are appear more common in people who are overweight or obese, also very common in people with diabetes problem.

Skin tags may be related to excessive insulin in the blood and are therefore a warning sign of diabetes. There may also be genetic components, because they tend to appear in the family.

How To Avoid Skin Tag

So, what does this mean for preventing skin tags? Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do except stay healthy. Try to live a healthy life with a balanced diet, exercise and weight control. “

To avoid irritation of existing skin tags, minimize skin friction.

Skin Tag Removal Methods

There are two main reasons you might want to remove the skin tag. If the skin tags is large, painful, bleeding or obstructing daily activities, you can remove the skin tags. However, there are many people removed it due to the bad appearance.

There are no local or natural treatments to shrink or remove them unfortunately, once the skin tags are in place, the only way to remove them is only by surgical.

There are three ways for a board certified dermatologist to remove skin tags:


Which involves freezing the skin with liquid nitrogen to remove the label


Which involves burning or destroying tissue with heat

Or just using cut it out with medical scissor by dermatologist.

Although none of these options for removing skin tags are very pleasant, they are very effective and simple.

Precautions For Skin Tag

You may just want to cut them off, but seriously this is not a good idea, because it might be infected and bleed easily. You are more likely to leave scars or risk removing only part of the skin tags, which means that you still have to see a dermatologist for another surgery anyway.

The dermatologist recommends paying attention to it like any spot on your skin. Very few skin tags might not be a skin tag, but actually a type of skin cancer.

Dermatologist also noted is better to seek medical attention if new or unusual skin tag, includes rapid growth, discoloration or bleeding type appear.

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