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Secrets Of Internal Organs Maintenance [For Girls]

The signal of the internal organs, hey girls, don’t you have it?

When we were still in the belly of our mother, the various organs of the body had already begun to function.As time goes by, every organ of the body has worked hard for decades, and it will accumulate a lot of “dirty stuff”.

It will inevitably begin to age, and even lesions will occur. They will also send out signal in the early stage of major illnessNow. My dear friends, come and check your internal organs and clean them up by the way!

—- A proper cleanup and let them run healthier! —-

Today, we will share with you an article “Secrets of Maintenance of Internal Organs”—–You’ll know how to maintain your organs from the perspectives of Chinese medicine health preservation, medicine and food homology, and scientific health Full of useful information

—–Full body organ maintenance tips, you must not to missed this—–

Aware the signals of your body scream, regular maintenance of organs is particularly important for our health and well-being.The 8 most important organs for girls’ health, the signal️

1. Heart: fatigue, insomnia, shortness breath, palpitation, dizziness

2. Stomach: nausea, drooling during sleep, bad breath, poor appetite

3. Liver: Acne on forehead, grumpy, sleepy

4. Intestine: bloating, constipation, diarrhea

5. Uterine and ovary: abnormal leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, backache

6. Lung: Shortness of breath, chest tightness, frequent dry cough, and pale complexion

7. Kidney: Fear of cold, hair loss, excessive nocturne, premature impotence…

8. Foot: beriberi and athlete’s foots, peeling, chapped, ulcerated

It turns out that our “hair loss, abnormal leucorrhea, insomnia, fatigue, bad temper, poor appetite, dry cough, and gaunt complexion, Beriberi and athlete’s foot…” All organs are calling the police!!! Please pay attention!!!—–How can it be improved? How to adjust?

There are answers in the picture, just read it patiently, you will definitely benefit from it~~

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