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Protein Puffs | Keep Eating Or Keep Distance

Protein Puffs Main Ingredient

Protein puffs is generally made of purified soy protein, or casein, or whey protein, or a combination of the above mentioned proteins.

It is slightly soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol, ether and chloroform.The effect of protein puffs is to supplement protein for people who lack of protein.

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The Nutritional Value of Protein Puffs

Protein puffs are made of soy protein, whey protein, whey and lecithin. As one of the main ingredients, whey protein contains sufficient methionine, which makes up for the deficiency of soy protein, and It can provide 9 kinds of essential amino acids in a balanced manner.

So, we can benefit from protein puffs, right?

For healthy people, as long as they adhere to a normal diet, protein deficiency will generally not happen. Milk, eggs, meat, soybeans, wheat and corn contain a complete range of essential amino acids in sufficient quantities and appropriate proportions.

As long as the food is rich and varied, the body’s need for protein can be fully satisfied, without the need to supplement protein puffs.

Protein puffs can be used as a beneficial nutritional supplement when the human body has malnutrition, reduces food intake due to diseases, or increased protein demand due to diseases (such as trauma, burns, postoperative recovery, tumors), etc.

protein puffs

The Efficacy and Function of Protein Puffs

  • When there is insufficient protein in the body, the basic life activities of people will be affected, which can lead to growth retardation, underweight, mental retardation in children and adolescents; fatigue, weight loss, anemia, and lower plasma albumin in adults, even lead to edema; it also can cause menstrual disorders in women. Eating protein puffs can effectively prevent or improve these symptoms.
  • Soy protein can reduce the adverse effects of blood lipids and cholesterol on the heart of patients with high cholesterol, and substituting soy protein for animal protein can reduce the burden on the kidneys of diabetic patients.
protein puffs

Who Needs Protein Puffs Supplements?

  • For healthy people, as long as they adhere to a normal diet and adhere to a variety of foods, they can fully meet the body’s need for protein, without the need to supplement protein puffs. Moreover, the psychological enjoyment and sensory stimulation that food brings to people cannot be replaced by protein puffs.
  • For special population in need, in addition to supplementing essential amino acids through food, also can choose protein puffs as a protein supplement, but be sure to pay attention to the amount of protein puffs. Excessive protein not only makes people obese, but also increases the metabolic burden on the liver and kidneys, which may affect their functions over time.
  • Newborns should not eat protein puffs, they should choose milk powder with a protein content of 10% to 20%.
  • Patients with gout should carefully choose to eat protein puffs with soy protein as the main ingredient. Because the purines in soybeans can increase uric acid in the body and contribute to or aggravate gout. However, some brands of soy protein puffs have been specially processed.

Protein Puffs Intake

Daily protein intake of adults is 65 to 90 grams, or 10% to 12% of total energy, to meet metabolic needs.

In addition, there are also certain differences in protein intake due to people’s age, weight, and labor intensity.

Children and adolescents in the growth and development period, pregnant or breastfeeding women, the protein requirements are generally higher.

Side Effects of Protein Puffs

Excessive protein intake is not only a waste, but also harmful to human health, because the accumulation of protein decomposition products in the body will affect the normal liver and kidney function and weakened immunity.

Among them, excessive intake of animal protein is also harmful and can cause heart disease. In addition, eating too much protein will increase the risk of cancer.

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