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PDO Threads Lift – Everything’s You Need To Know

What is PDO Threads Lift?

PDO Threads Lift is an ultra-minimally invasive surgery that uses absorbable PDO (polydioxanone) sutures that have been used for a long time in surgical operations. Doctors make the sutures into different lengths, implant them under the skin, the dermis, or fix them on the fascia.

By pulling these sutures to “tighten the skin“, resulting in a physical lifting and firming effect.

Since linear lifting is a minimally invasive surgery, the wound is usually only the size of pinhole, and the wire will be gradually broken down and absorbed in the body within 6 to 12 months, and it can also stimulate the proliferation of collagen under the skin.

Under normal circumstances, people who are in good health and have only just begun to notice the phenomenon of aging have the best effect on threads-lifting.

Safety of PDO Threads Lift

PDO Threads Lifting is considered a low-risk and minimally invasive surgery, and the overall recovery time is very short, but there is still a chance that side effects such as redness, swelling and abrasions may occur. In many cases, it depends on the skills of doctors and the habits of consumers.

PDO Threads Lift Alternative

Of course there is a lot of way similar to PDO Threads Lift, but there is a special one called – Orthotropics

The orthotropics idea is simple – without Plastic surgery, changing the position of the tongue and teeth during breathing and chewing, to achieve the purpose of correcting teeth, even changing the jaw line and face shape.

It is not directly effect to your skin but, it will. And, it is an exercise, so it is FREE!!!

Surgical time for embedding PDO Threads Lift

This process can be effectively executed in about 45 minutes. The recovery period is very short after the surgery is completed, and some clients can even go back to work the next day.

PDO Threads Lift Effect

After embedding the threads, you can see some partial affects, and the swelling will be reduced in about 3-7 days, and the effect of the V face can be seen in one week after the operation.

Since the principle of action is to embed medical threads to cause rejection of foreign bodies on the face and stimulate collagen proliferation, the overall effect is gradually improved and presented in a gradual manner, and will not only remain in the postoperative situation.

The effect of collagen proliferation under the skin can be maintained for about two years.

A 2017 study pointed out that one year later, as the wire dissolves, the proliferation of this collagen begins to weaken. But 2-3 years or longer time after surgery, there is still have the “younger” effect.

PDO Threads Lift can induce long-term skin lifting. However, the so-called firmness and lift obtained by this minimally invasive lifting process are still subject to the constant influence of gravity.

Therefore, the skin tissue will still be pulled back to its previous position. In a world without gravity, The effect created by threads-lifting can last forever. Due to the influence of gravity, a slight lift may need to be repeated every 2 years if you wish to have the same result.

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