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Orthotropics – Reshape Your Jawline / Face Shape & Better Health [For Free]

First, What is Orthotropics

It is a method of adjusting posture to achieve a corrective effect. It is a set of breathing and chewing methods complied by the British orthodontist John Mew and his son Mike Mew.¬†Also called “Mewing”.

They think that althought appearance is largely dependent on genetic factors, but it can also be improved through acquired exercise.

The orthotropics idea is simple – without Plastic surgery, changing the position of the tongue and teeth during breathing and chewing, to achieve the purpose of correcting teeth, even changing the jaw line and face shape.

So, How to we “Orthotropics”?

The steps of orthotropics are very simple

With the mouth closed, place the tongue on the upper part of the mouth, and gently press the tip of the tongue against the upper palate, so as not to block the airway.

Keep your lips and teeth closed and breathe through your nose.

In addition,

When eating, develop the correct chewing and swallowing habits, chew the food well until the food becomes mushy.

Use the muscles of the back of the mouth instead of the cheeks and lip muscles,

You can also practice chewing some harder or hard to chew foods (such as gum) for exercise.

This method can help align the upper and lower teeth. It is especially suitable for friends who have dislocation of the upper and lower teeth. It can also improve oral muscle pain and sleep apnea.

There are more benefit for orthotropics : through breathing and chewing training, the face can be exercised, the jaw line and face shape can be reshaped, and there are a lot of people are pursuing this kind of beautify effect by some product or even plastic surgery.

However, it can be easily achieve by using orthotropic method!!!

So, do I need Orthotropics?

Before continue reading this, answer my two questions.

1. At this moment when you concentrate on looking at your screen, your mouth is slightly open or closed totally?

2. Where do you put your tongue usually?

If your answer is not “closed” and “close to my upper jaw”, then you need to keep reading.

The cause of abnormal facial development caused by mouth breathing has caused controversy in the oral community.

Many experts believe that the long-term air flow and outflow in the oral cavity is the culprit that causes the narrowing of the pharyngeal tube and the long and crooked teeth.

There have been more and more voices in the orthodontics community that this abnormal development is caused by incorrect oral posture, just like an office worker who has to look down at the computer all day will become hunched and start to suffer from cervical spine problems.

Why Orthotropics good for us?

  • Focus on overall facial development, good breathing and health
  • No tooth extraction
  • We shall form a wider, more attractive face through proper
  • Forward projection (which can make the nose look smaller and more harmonious)
  • Promote proper breathing, wider airways and good resting posture
  • Permanence – no need for retainers

Why would a child need orthotropics?

There are many reason why a child’s facial posture may alter, according to the NAAFO (North American Association of Facial Orthotropics), including:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Allergies

When a child has improper oral posture, it means that the lower and upper jaws are not equally horizontal. Instead, they drop backward and downward.

If the lower jaw drops more than the upper jaw, the upper teeth can appear to stick out.

This is corrected by bringing the upper jaw up and out, as well as widening it so that the tongue can rest normally against the roof of the mouth.

Overall, orthotropics treatment may be a good solution to help correct any facial or jaw discrepancies in a growing child.

It could be an alternative to other methods, such as orthodontics or surgery, so seek advice from your dental professional if you think that your child may benefit from this treatment.

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