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Nasal Splints | Everything You Need To Know

Should the nasal splints worn as long as possible?

Nasal splints are something that will be used after rhinoplasty surgery. It is not the longer you wear it, the better. Because the existence of the nasal splints are to fix the prosthesis, but when our tissue is restored to be able to fix the prosthesis, the nasal splints are useless.

Normally, the nasal splints need to be worn for about two weeks after the operation. The wearing time may vary from person to person. Therefore, we must follow the doctor’s instructions when wearing the nasal splints, and do not remove the nasal splints in advance.

Rhinoplasty surgery is a comprehensive rhinoplasty surgery. Through this operation, we can change the symptoms of collapsing, crooked, small, upturned nose and so on. If we have a need for rhinoplasty, we can seek the help of a professional plastic surgery hospital.

So what role does the nasal splints play in the early postoperative period? Today I will share this knowledge with you:

The role of nasal splints:

The role of fixation and shaping:

The postoperative hematoma and residual blood will cause a gap between the inner side of the ala cartilage and the adjustable columella prosthesis, resulting in poor healing, and even the formation of an abscess at the front of the septum.

Nasal splints shaping are beneficial to skin and subcutaneous tissue adhesion. The nose and tip of the nose are sutured by the inner foot of the alar cartilage and the adjustable nasal columella prosthesis to prevent infection.

The role of fixation and support:

Nasal splints play a fixed and supporting role, and the best effect are to cooperate with rhinoplasty surgery. The purpose is to make the nasal bridge longer and straighter and reduce the chance of nasal adhesion. It plays a vital role in reducing surgical inflammation, postoperative recovery and rhinoplasty.

The effect of limiting swelling:

The nose will swell severely three to five days after the operation, and wearing a nasal splints can also limit the swelling;

For those who have undergone a wide nose narrowing, wearing a nasal splints also have a shaping effect.

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