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Itchy Stretch Marks | 3 scientific methods to stop itching

Don’t scratch the itchy stretch marks

8 out of 10 mothers have stretch marks and it is generally difficult to avoid, itching is also come with the stretch marks commonly. But if the stretch marks are itchy, don’t attempt to scratch it with your hands!

Not only is it not conducive to alleviating stretch marks, but also scratching hard can easily lead to skin breakage. The more you it is scratched, the more you will feel itchy.

So, what should we do about itchy stretch marks during pregnancy? How do we alleviate it?

pregnant stretch marks

First, why itchy stretch marks appear during pregnancy?  

If the stretch marks are itchy during pregnancy, it is likely to be pruritic urticaria papules and plaques of pregnancy, also called “polymorphic rash of pregnancy.”

This rash can also appear on areas prone to stretch marks, such as the thighs, buttocks, and arms. It appears when the pregnant mother’s weight gains quickly, and it seems to be caused by skin stretching.

Usually the symptoms of itchy stretch marks will get better in about a week. If it is more serious, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

pregnant stretch marks

The 3 methods to stop itching from yours itchy stretch marks

1. Drink plenty of water to give the skin moisture retention  

One of the important factors for itchy stretch marks is that the skin is too dry. The longer the skin is dry, the more itchy the skin.

You can drink plenty of water every day to promote metabolism, increase skin’s water retention capacity, and relieve stretch marks and itching.

2. Dip in salt water, soothing and anti-inflammatory

Both salt and vinegar have anti-inflammatory effects, and they are also very common in life.

When stretch marks are itchy, you can use diluted salt water and vinegar water, dipped in a towel to wash, and it has a certain relief effect on alleviating the itching of stretch marks.

3. Stretch mark cream to relieve dry and itchy skin

Stretch mark cream has the same moisturizing effect as body lotion, but it is different from daily body lotion.

Because of the special ingredients, it can enhance skin elasticity, prevent and relieve the growth of stretch marks. Of course, there are also some stretch mark creams that can relieve dry and itchy skin.

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