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Hopi Ear Candles Real Review | Is That Good Or Real Bad

What is “Hopi Ear Candles”?

Hopi ear candles is also called “aromatherapy ear candles”, “aromatic ear candles” and “ear candles detox stick”.

hopi ear candles

Hopi ear candles therapy is also known as “intracranial purification ear candles therapy”. It is a therapy in which hollow candles are inserted into the ears and lit.

According to the records of ancient Indian books, the “ear candle” first appeared in Siberia, North America, South America, India as a purification ceremony before their sacred rituals. The shaman must take a bath before presiding over the ceremony, and the first job of bathing and bidding is to detoxify the head.

They believe that only by removing toxins from their heads can they improve their spirituality and communicate with heaven.

At that time, the “ear candling” was replaced by a burning straw. They believed that the seven orifices were connected, and they believed that this kind of “ear candling therapy” could expel body dirt and drive away evil beliefs, thereby sublimating the soul.

hopi ear candles

What’s the benefit of ear candle therapy?

The “ear candling therapy” is mainly seen in health care and beauty institutions.

The hollow candles is inserted into the human ear and ignited, and the heat rises to form a vacuum pressure.

It is said that this effect can sucked out earwax, and even suck out harmful substances in the inner ear, sinuses and brain, which has the effect of detoxification.

The residue after burning the candle is considered so-called “exhausted toxin.”

In addition, the heat and vibration generated by the candle burning down to the ears are also considered to be “good” for peoples 

Is Hopi Ear Candle really magical?

In fact, “ear candles” treatment is purely pseudo-science, and there is a great danger.

hopi ear candles

Hopi ear candles do not detoxify, but are dangerous.

“Hopi ear candles” not only can’t suck out the earwax and “toxin” in the ear, the melted wax droplets will also enter the external auditory canal.

In addition, the heat generated when the candlestick is burned can also damage the ear canal, which can easily cause otitis media, and in severe cases, it can cause perforation of the tympanic membrane and even deafness.

The so-called “toxin” is fake.

peoples can easily be fooled by the “ear candling therapist” using candles residues as “toxin” feeling.

In fact, even if this “hopi ear candles” burns in the air, there will be so-called “toxins”.

A normal amount of earwax is healthy.

Earwax, also known as “cerumen” in medicine, is a protective barrier for the ear canal and can even be used as a moisturizer for the ear canal.

Under normal circumstances, after the earwax is secreted, it will naturally exclude the ear canal due to the efflux of the ear hairs in the ear canal and the movement of the head, and there is no need to dig out from the ears.

hopi ear candles

From the aspect of beauty and health maintenance technology, the effect of “Hopi ear candles” is far less magical than advertising.

In terms of relieving stress, making people feel comfortable and relaxed, “Hopi ear candles” may have a certain effects;

However, in terms of earwax removal, detoxification, and insomnia treatment, they are exaggerated and have no scientific basis, and they may also endanger hearing health.

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