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Getting Grey Hair Even At Younger Age??? Here’s Why —

Grayhair is not just because of aging!!! Here are 7 reason why you having grey hair even on the younger age.

Grey hair seen as a sign of aging, because the melanin in the hair decreases with age. But some unhealthy issue will also cause grey hair, If you are not hereditary and also encounter this health issue, then you have to pay more attention to your health.

1. Inbalance of nutritional – Lack of vitamin B12 , Zinc , Iron and others nutritional will more easy to get grey hair in early age.

2. Leukoplakia – Leukoplakia is a disease caused by autoimmune cells attacking skin melanocytes ,decrease in melanocytes in hair.

3. Thyroid disease – It is an autoimmune disease , Immune cells may attack the melanocytes in the hair follicles and cause grey hair.

4. Anemia – Who with severe anemia , may grow grey hair because the body cannot absorb enough vitamin B12.

5. Depression – Depression is related with the imbalance of the immune system, when the immune cells is too active, it might attack the melanocytes in the body.

6. Pressure – Will affect the blood flow of the scalp and cause the follicles unable to get enough nutrition, and affect the normal operation of melanocytes and keratinocytes.

7. Other factors – Extreme sun exposure, Inappropriate shampoo may damage hair follicles and including melanocytes in hair follicles.

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