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Deep Plane Facelift – Everything You Need To Know

Why Deep Plane Facelift?

Do you feel that your upper cheek and middle face had already sagged, you may consider about deep plane facelift.

As the age reaches about 30-40 years, the phenomenon of aging begins to appear, muscle relaxation, atrophy, sagging, and wrinkles. These signs of aging will make the age invisible.

Although there are many cosmetic treatments that can slow down the aging phenomenon time by time. However, if you wish to solve this problem in a short time and surgically, there might be a way called — Deep Plane Facelift.

Deep Plane Facelift Surgery Introduction

In simple terms, a deep plane facelift operation is to adjust the atrophy and loose skin tissue and remove the excess skin to restore the tightness of the skin and make the appearance look younger.

Traditional peeling only pulls the skin layer, the effect is unnatural and not lasting. Combining the advantages of endoscopes and traditional face lifts to achieve even better results.

There is also a method called Orthotropics – which can reshape jawline or face shape for FREE you might wan to check out.

Is Deep Plane Lifting Suitable For Me?

You need plenty of time to do Deep Plane facelifts. Deep Plane Facelifts are not suitable for everyone. If the skin is tight and there are only fine wrinkles, or wrinkles are mainly expression lines and the facial changes caused by tissue falling are not obvious, you don’t actually need it.

In addition, anyone have a serious heart disease cannot receive this type of surgery. Generally, face lifts require hospitalization for 1 week and recovery for 1 week.

Therefore, people who are usually too busy should schedule enough time to do deep plane facelift. The operation takes 2 weeks and the effect will maintain up to 10 years.

Which surgical approach is suitable for you?

Frontal Sling :Suspension technique to solve forehead wrinkles and sagging.

V Beauty by age :V-Medicine uses the physiological tissue regeneration mode, can
enhance the elasticity of the skin while achieving the lifting effect. Solve the problem of facial aging fundamentally.

Temporal suspension :Use concealed operations in the hair on both sides of the temples to solves the radial crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, promote sagging eye corners, sagging eyebrows, and sagging cheeks. Improve the nasolabial fold phenomenon and solve the phenomenon of dropping mouth corners.

Frontal and Temporal Suspension :It is aimed at people who need a large area of the forehead lift. In addition to the sagging face. Most suitable for middle-aged
people aged 35-45. The overall postoperative feeling seemed to be
about 10 years younger.

Full sling : For older patients, we also recommend a large skin lift. On the
top of the head, make a circular incision along the sides of the ears to remove the epidermis, muscles, and fascia without interruption. Wide excess organization. Suitable for people aged around 40-65, the lifting effect is obvious the facial wrinkles, aging, and skin relaxation disappear, and the “cellulite” phenomenon is

Lower face sling : Mainly used to solve the aging and relaxation of the face. Among
them, the main solution is to solve the phenomenon of drooping corners of the mouth and sagging succulent jaws accompanied by “succulents” under the cheeks.

It is very important to ensure the safety of deep plane lifting. It is also very important to cooperate with the doctor to see if you are suitable for it, and to be prepared before and after surgery, and actively adjust your mentality.

This is also a key factor to ensure the safety and effectiveness of deep plane lifting.

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